The project Aanbreken was created about a year ago by producer Tim Aminov and singer Gala Ga. During the year, under the influence of ancient religious rituals musicians crafted languid, insinuating music, the one that cuts to the hearts of electronic music lovers for its ambience and mellow style. Thick electronic sound with deep sensual vocals is what awaits you when listening to EP "Verge".

At time of the first performance in August 2013 at Solyanka club in Moscow, Aanbreken had already written the most part of music material and Zakk Hemma joined them to complement their electronic sound with live drums. Since then Aanbreken has been invited to a range of local and interurban events, among them are live session on Galernaya-20 in Saint Petersburg, RBMA Bass Camp Moscow, live shows on Radio ‘Mayak’.

"Verge" EP will be released on July 24!

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