Moscow radio stations are interrupting each other with the latest news about the first snowfall on Friday – their forecast is that the wintery cold will come very soon. Luckily, we managed to record an unusual live performance on the deck of a friendly ship. Just watching it can truly warm you up. The cello and the Rhodes, the bass and the drums with emotional vocals from Gala already await for your attention in the video for the Fairlane project.

Special thnx to: Sasha Kosilov, Igor Gorelikov, Sasha Nazarov, Vova Rebelsteppa, Ivan Baturin and the Brusov Ship crew.

Recently Indie-band Everything is made in China has released their new single “Through Daybreak Into The Dark”. AANBREKEN supported them with a remix on the track “Into The Dark”.

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1xmBMSH
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1sZfS0X

Aanbreken - ON AIR / RADIO MAYAK 103.4 FM

First mixtape ever of Gala. Listen and download on W-O-S Radio.

Live session on Galernaya 20 studio (Saint-Petersburg). Watch exclusive on Afisha-Volna.

Our first mix ever! Special for Follow Me Radio. Enjoy it

June 12 @ 16 Tons Club w/ Lone Electrone. Tickets.

Brand new track “Lonely God”!

Один наш близкий друг, который на данный момент живет в Лондоне написал очень странный, противоречивый текст под названием “Lonely God”. Мы не смогли оставить без внимания этот текст и сделали трек. Отрывок на видео.